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Evan Whitton's Serial Liars: How Lawyers Get the Money and Get the PDF

By Evan Whitton

ISBN-10: 1411658752

ISBN-13: 9781411658752

Why the Lawyer-Run Adversary procedure Is Immoral, the way it occurred, and the answer

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Likewise the law. As more young beasts are beguiled by the prospect of huge emolument, new ways of satisfying their greed must be found. In 1960, there were 213,000 lawyers in the US; in 1991 there were 772,000. As numbers grew, judges were asked to find more pasture. Walter K. Olson notes in The Rule of Lawyers: How the New Litigation Elite Threatens America’s Rule of Law (Truman Talley Books St Martin’s Press, 2003) that in the mid-1970s, proposals ‘that judges create some new right to sue’ were ‘all but ubiquitous’.

Perth barrister Paul Mendelow noted in Discovery: Should the Whistleblowers Stop the Train of Inquiry? ’ SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) suits can amount to legal terrorism. Julian Petley noted in Free Press 108 (Jan/Feb 1999) that professors Penelope Canan and George Pring, of the University of Denver, invented the SLAPP acronym when they noticed ‘that corporations were increasingly threatening individuals in the environment movement with actions for defamation, conspiracy, invasion of privacy, interference with business, etc’.

Significantly, it is only since the lawyerjudge cartel invented the criminal adversary system that judges have been bound by precedent Professor Plucknett wrote: … even as late as the days of Baron Parke [1782-1868; Court of Exchequer 1834, created baron 1856] … it was possible for that very learned judge to ignore decisions of the House of Lords … The 19th century produced the 51 changes which were necessary for the establishment of the rigid … theory as it exists today. The cartel claims that abiding by precedent provides certainty and predictability, but in reality it enables members to riffle through precedents until they find one that suits their agenda.

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Serial Liars: How Lawyers Get the Money and Get the Criminals Off by Evan Whitton

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