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Download e-book for iPad: Angela Carter by Linden Peach (auth.)

By Linden Peach (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0333676165

ISBN-13: 9780333676165

ISBN-10: 1349259438

ISBN-13: 9781349259434

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The optimistic disposition of a confident protagonist, such as the narrator of 'Bartleby', is undermined by the presence of the 'man of sorrows', a figure whom we might describe today as suffering from melancholia, just as Bartleby is affected by his work in the Dead Letter Office. The presence of the 'man of sorrows' disturbs the binarism between a positive subject position, or optimistic mode of thought and being, which Carlyle summarised in Sartor Resartus as the 'Everlasting Yea', and a negative subject position, arising from a sceptical turn of mind, which Carlyle summarised as 'the Everlasting No'.

Her only response to one of Morris's paintings, which she tries to 'read' as a visually impaired person feels Braille, is that it is 'quite big reely' (p. 104). Indeed, Melville's argument that an important aspect of the enquiring, symbolic imagination was the capacity to appreciate 'the inarticulate chaotic' makes Emily's initial reaction to Morris's junk shop significant. When Morris pointedly tells her that 'the unseemly chaos around her was the norm', a sentence which has metaphysical ramifications beyond the shop to which it refers, she seems unperturbed, even spitting out a raisin pip as if in defiance.

Ghislaine is described as if she were an object of male, and in particular Morris's, fetishistic phantasy. Morris's sense of complicity with Honeybuzzard specifically and with society's way of seeing warnen generally is reinforced by the black cat which emerges from the bushes and spits at him. As a witch's familiar, the black cat reminds us of how the persecution of warnen as witches provided a means of Controlling and punishing women's sexuality. Morris, like Desiderio, in the later novel, The lnfernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman, is forced to confront his complicity in the dehumanisation of the objects of his desire.

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Angela Carter by Linden Peach (auth.)

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