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Read e-book online Advances in Vagal Afferent Neurobiology (Frontiers in PDF

By Bradley J. Undem, Daniel Weinreich

ISBN-10: 0203492315

ISBN-13: 9780203492314

ISBN-10: 084932131X

ISBN-13: 9780849321313

Taking a accomplished technique during which all features of the vagal afferent procedure are thought of, from the terminals within the visceral tissues to the neural pathways in the significant worried approach, this vast textual content stories the advance, neurochemistry, anatomy, biophysics, pharmacology, and body structure of the vagal afferent nerves. The authors current experimental options used to enquire the advance, morphology, electrophysiology and reflex functionality of the vagal afferent nerves, and comprise cutting-edge stories of vagal afferent neurobiology by way of a few of the world's prime specialists in those fields.

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The first (instruction) proposes that neural crest cells emigrate as a homogeneous population of naïve cells that are instructed to differentiate into particular derivatives depending on where they end up. The second (selection) proposes that emigrating neural crest cells are a heterogeneous collection of determined cells that only form particular derivatives and that are eliminated from inappropriate environments. Both are compatible with the heterotopic grafting experiments used to attack the problem of axial fate restriction.

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Alternative neural crest cell fates are instructively promoted by TGFβ superfamily members, Cell, 85, 331, 1996. 87. M. , Glial growth factor restricts mammalian neural crest stem cells to a glial fate, Cell, 77, 349, 1994. 26 Advances in Vagal Afferent Neurobiology 88. Hagedorn, L. , The Ets domain transcription factor Erm distinguishes rat satellite glia from Schwann cells and is regulated in satellite cells by neuregulin signaling, Dev. , 219, 44, 2000. 89. Leimeroth, R. , Membrane-bound neuregulin1 type III actively promotes Schwann cell differentiation of multipotent progenitor cells, Dev.

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Advances in Vagal Afferent Neurobiology (Frontiers in Neuroscience (Boca Raton, Fla.).) by Bradley J. Undem, Daniel Weinreich

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