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Download e-book for iPad: A Wizard In War: The Third Chronicle of the Magnus D'Armand, by Christopher Stasheff

By Christopher Stasheff

ISBN-10: 0812536495

ISBN-13: 9780812536492

The medieval planet of Maltroit appears to be like repeating Earth's bloody heritage within the worst attainable demeanour. it really is as much as the Rogue Wizard to offer the downtrodden a crash path in democracy, so sooner than you could say "Magna Carta," he is bent the process historical past via educating the nobles the rudiments of democracy, and education the peasants within the fundamentals of radical politics.

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Yes, chivalrous and merciful, Coll agreed silently, to another knight! " Gar inclined his head. "However, though I am a knight, I am one whose lord was slain in battle, and am therefore without house or lands. " Sir Hildebrandt looked up at Dirk, who nodded. " Gar grinned broadly. He glanced at Dirk, who nodded, then said to Sir Hildebrandt, "We will be honored to accept! " Coll heard the words with a sinking heart. Visions of his village rose in his mind, visions of it burned and smoking, of the cottage trampled into the mire-mud reddened by the blood of his neighbors-and of Dicea struggling in the arms of a soldier, who laughed through a gloating, gaptoothed smile as he displayed his prize to his mates.

Serfs weren't supposed to know how to fight with staves, but Coll and a few friends had practiced in secret. Now he turned on the middle soldier, stabbing upward. The man parried, beating Coll's spear down-and Coll leaped in and cracked a fist into his chin. The knight bellowed in anger as he saw a third man fall and spurred his horse. The charger surged forward; Coll barely managed to sidestep in time, and the rest of the soldiers came at his back. " Dicea called, and Con turned just in time to dodge their charge, then slash at one of them with his spear.

Coll parried two more blades, not quite far enoughone of them grazed his arm, but he ignored it, not caring which stroke killed him, for he had known he was dead from the moment the false monk drew his sword. He saw a half-second's opening and struck with the butt of his spear. It jabbed into the belly of the man to his left; he fell back with a grunt of pain-but another soldier stepped over him and struck. Coll barely had time to parry the thrust from his right before he had to turn the jab from his left, then snap his shaft up to block a blow from the front.

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A Wizard In War: The Third Chronicle of the Magnus D'Armand, Rogue Wizard (Chronicles of the Rogue Wizard) by Christopher Stasheff

by Donald

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