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Download PDF by Julian Lowell Coolidge: A treatise on algebraic plane curves

By Julian Lowell Coolidge

Students and lecturers will welcome the go back of this unabridged reprint of 1 of the 1st English-language texts to provide complete assurance of algebraic aircraft curves. It bargains complicated scholars a close, thorough creation and historical past to the speculation of algebraic airplane curves and their kinfolk to varied fields of geometry and analysis.
The textual content treats such issues because the topological homes of curves, the Riemann-Roch theorem, and all points of a large choice of curves together with genuine, covariant, polar, containing sequence of a given style, elliptic, hyperelliptic, polygonal, reducible, rational, the pencil, two-parameter nets, the Laguerre internet, and nonlinear platforms of curves. it really is virtually completely constrained to the houses of the overall curve instead of an in depth learn of curves of the 3rd or fourth order. The textual content mainly employs algebraic technique, with huge parts written based on the spirit and techniques of the Italian geometers. Geometric tools are a lot hired, despite the fact that, specially these related to the projective geometry of hyperspace.
Readers will locate this quantity plentiful instruction for the symbolic notation of Aronhold and Clebsch.

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Example text

Ry)(K) (Rx . it), because Vp :J Rx . Ry {o} Vp :J Rx and Vp :J R y. This topology we defined on V is called the Zariski topology on V. 3 Divisors We now introduce divisors on an algebraic curve V. it as a function defined on V with values in the projective space pl. it and hence gives rise to a (rational or meromorphic) function f : V -+ pI with VI, if P E VI/I, if P E where p~ = {P E p l lP:3 g}. This is well-defined by the following. If P E VI, then P n K[J] = (f - a) for a E K = P}, and a = (f mod P) = f(P).

Since lJi(X) == Xp-l mod p, we see that V /(p) ~ Fp[X]/(Xp-l). Then (1) :J (X) :J (X2) :J ... :J (Xp-l) = (0) 26 2 Geometric Reciprocity Laws are the only ideals of V I(p), because (aJXJ + aJ+IXJ+1 + ... + ap_lXp-1) = (X)J if aJ Ie 0 in IFp. Since p = tli(O) = TIaEGal(IQ[(pl/lQ) cr(w), we find that (w) ~ (p). Then by the homomorphism theorem applied to V --» V I (p), only ideals between (p) and (w) are (w)m for m = 1,2, ... ,p - 1. By induction on n, one can show that are the only ideals of V I (pn).

It. it is a finite extension, by the above construction, we have a covering map V' --+ V as defined in the theorem. it has an expansion J(t) = I:n»-oo ant n with an E K(P) for a generator t of PVp . it giving rise to the generator t of P is called a uniJormizer at P. 25 Let the notation and assumption be as in the theorem. Then the morphism n : V' --+ V is a polynomial map oj the projective coordinates. Proof. Let R (resp. it (resp . it'). Choose generators so that R = K[X,Yl, ... ,Ym] and R' = K[x,y~, ...

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