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A Textbook of Practical Physiology - download pdf or read online

By C. L. Ghai

ISBN-10: 935025932X

ISBN-13: 9789350259320

With the writing of the eighth version of this recognized and well known e-book on sensible body structure, it has accomplished over 25 years of improvement. the scholars have continuously demanded simplicity, directness, and readability of expression that's inside their effortless seize. it really is was hoping that the ebook meets with their requisites. The publication conforms to the syllabi and classes mandated by means of the clinical and Dental Councils of India. As in keeping with their new curriculum coverage, the sections on Hematology, Human Experiments, and medical exam, were tremendously improved and up to date and plenty of new figures and diagrams additional. The part on Animal Experiments has been curtailed. The Appendix offers an unlimited volume of Physiological facts. a brand new function has been the inclusion of OSPEs (Objective dependent functional Examinations) for assessing scholars’ ability in functional body structure examinations. intended basically for MBBS, BDS, B. Ph-Th scholars, the ebook will end up beneficial to scholars of BSc and MSc (Physiology), BSc and MSc (Pharmacy), MD (Physiology) and people learning Human body structure in lifestyles Sciences schools and Universities.

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The various objects are now ready for examination under low and high magnifications of the microscope (Figure 1-5). 1. Dust particles. ), iron oxide (iron is the most common metal in the earth’s crust), Figure 1-5: Common objects: 1: Dust particles; 2: starch granules; 3: Human hair; 4: cotton fiber; 5: leishman’s stain granules 6: Fat globules of milk; 7: Woolen fiber; 8: Air bubble in water cellulose, natural and synthetic fibers, keratin and epithelial cells shed off from the skin and so on.

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Invented by Knoll and Ruska in 1940, the TEM uses a strong beam of electrons instead of light and electromagnetic fields in place of glass lenses. 05 Å, and provide a practical resolution of about 5 Å (theoretically possible resolution is about 1 Å). The magnified image, which is visible on a fluorescent screen, can be recorded on a photographic film, and the negative further enlarged 6 to 8 times. Thus, the total magnification obtained can vary from one to several hundred thousand times.

The forearm or the hand may be squeezed or milked towards the fingers to facilitate blood flow. If all efforts fail, a fresh prick may be required. 4. Wipe away the first 2 drops of blood with dry, sterile gauze as it may be contaminated not only with tissue fluid, but also with epithelial and 22 A Textbook of Practical Physiology endothelial cells which will appear as artifacts in the blood film. 5. Allow a fresh drop of blood of sufficiently large size (about 3–4 mm diameter) to well up from the wound, and make a blood smear, or fill a pipette as the case may be.

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A Textbook of Practical Physiology by C. L. Ghai

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