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Download e-book for kindle: A Text-Book of Bacteriology by R. W. Fairbrother and Geoffrey A. Taylor (Auth.)

By R. W. Fairbrother and Geoffrey A. Taylor (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 1483168093

ISBN-13: 9781483168098

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Fluid Media. In examining cultures in the ordinary fluid media, such as broth, attention is directed mainly to three points: - THE CULTIVATION OF BAOTERIA 49 (1) The presence or absence of a surface scum or " pellicle". (2) The appearance and degree of turbidity in the fluid. ; the character of a deposit is satisfactorily determined by rotating the tube between the hands. Solid Media. The examination of the growth on or in a solid medium is largely one concerned with the characters of the individual colonies.

Phenol-red exhibits a definite range of colours from yellow to purplish-pink through a pH range of 6·8 to 8·4 and is consequently a common indicator for routine bacteriological purposes. Solutions of known hydrogen-ion concentration are prepared to form a range of pH 6·8-8·4 with intervals of pH 0·2, and to each a fixed amount of phenol-red is added; these form the standard range. ), and by comparing the colour with the standard scale the pH of the medium is 38 A TEXT-BOOK OF BAOTERIOLOGY determined.

This jar is constructed of a copper alloy, and consequently can stand much greater strains than the glass jar. Air is first removed by means of a vacuum pump and hydrogen is then slowly added; an electric current is then passed through. The main disadvantage of this particular jar is that the contents are not visible and so the behaviour of the cultures cannot be studied without the inconvenience of opening the jar and removing the tubes and plates. Hydrogen may be obtained from either a Kipp apparatus or a cylinder, and should be added slowly.

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A Text-Book of Bacteriology by R. W. Fairbrother and Geoffrey A. Taylor (Auth.)

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