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Download e-book for iPad: A Study of Dragons, East and West (Asian Thought and by Qiguang Zhao

By Qiguang Zhao

ISBN-10: 0820417580

ISBN-13: 9780820417585

Few symbols saturate human civilization so largely and carefully as these of the ever present and enigmatic dragon. This compelling booklet examines, compares, and analyzes the looks and symbolization of the jap and Western dragons and treats them because the crystallization of human cultures. It indicates that chinese language dragons resemble each other yet recommend assorted rules in numerous contexts, whereas Western dragons have assorted appearances yet frequently denote a unmarried idea. As the most awesome achievements of dragonology, this ebook bargains stunning new insights into dragons as zoological «fact», mental archetypes, and ideological symbols.

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One day they played a game of quoits together, and Apollo, heaving aloft the discus, with strength mingled with skill, sent it high and far. Hyacinthus watched it as it flew, and excited with the sport ran forward to seize it, eager to make his throw, when the quoit bounded from the earth and struck him in the forehead. He fainted and fell. The god, as pale as himself, raised him and tried all his art to stanch the wound and retain the flitting life, but all in vain; the hurt was past the power of medicine.

I have injured no one. If I speak falsely, may my foliage perish with drought and my trunk be cut down and burned. Take this infant and give it to a nurse. ' But bid him be careful of river banks, and beware how he plucks flowers, remembering that every bush he sees may be a goddess in disguise. Farewell, dear husband, and sister, and father. If you retain any love for me, let not the axe wound me, nor the flocks bite and tear my branches. Since I cannot stoop to you, climb up hither and kiss me; and while my lips continue to feel, lift up my child that I may kiss him.

I can tell you of her fate, for I have seen her. This is not my native country; I came hither from Elis. I was a woodland nymph, and delighted in the chase. They praised my beauty, but I cared nothing for it, and rather boasted of my hunting exploits. One day I was returning from the wood, heated with exercise, when I came to a stream silently flowing, so clear that you might count the pebbles on the bottom. The willows shaded it, and the grassy bank sloped down to the water's edge. I approached, I touched the water with my foot.

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A Study of Dragons, East and West (Asian Thought and Culture) by Qiguang Zhao

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