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By Swami Tejasananda, Swami Mumukshananda

ISBN-10: 8175050721

ISBN-13: 9788175050723

A quick biography of Ramakrishna; one of many maximum Indian Mystics of the 19th century.

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This opened your Sushumna canal and a quantity of blood was rushing to the head. It is excellent that this blood, instead of reaching the brain, made a passage through the palate; or you would have entered the Jada SRI RAMAKRISHNA 39 Samadhi (the highest form of concentration mentioned in the Yoga-Shastra) from which you could never again have come down to the plane of ordinary consciousness. ’ One day Haladhari (Sri Ramakrishna’s cousin who acted as priest of the Kali temple for some time) cast aspersions on the truth of Sri Ramakrishna’s God-visions and said, on the authority of the scriptures, that God is beyond the reach of the human mind.

He was a wandering monk and a devotee of Sri Rama. The Master often said that Jatadhari’s love and yearning for God were peerless. Ramlala, or the ‘Child Rama’ was his favourite Deity. By long meditation and worship Jatadhari had made great spiritual progress, and had been blessed with a wonderful vision of Rama—the effulgent form of young Rama then became a living presence to him. ‘The Babaji (Father),’ said the Master later to a group of disciples, ‘was the lifelong devotee of Ramlala, whose image he carried wherever he went.

Again, for the complete effacement of a sense of superiority from his mind, he would wash unclean places like an ordinary sweeper, viewing alike all objects of the world as but modifications of matter. VII BHAIRAVI BRAHMANI AND A VAISHNAVA SAINT One morning in 1861 Sri Ramakrishna was plucking flowers in the garden of Dakshineswar when he saw a country-boat coming towards the smaller bathing ghat of the temple. A middle-aged, beautiful Bhairavi Sannyasini with long dishevelled hair stepped out of the boat.

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