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By Robert Zaretsky

ISBN-10: 0674724763

ISBN-13: 9780674724761

In his Nobel Prize popularity speech, Albert Camus declared writer's responsibility is twofold: "the refusal to lie approximately what one is aware and the resistance opposed to oppression." those dual obsessions aid clarify whatever of Camus' amazing personality, that is the overarching topic of this sympathetic and full of life e-book. via an exploration of topics that preoccupied Camus--absurdity, silence, rebellion, constancy, and moderation--Robert Zaretsky portrays a moralist who refused to be fooled through the nobler names we assign to our activities, and who driven himself, and people approximately him, to problem the established order. notwithstanding we don't face an identical hazards that threatened Europe whilst Camus wrote "The Myth""of Sisyphus" and "The Stranger," we confront different alarms. Herein lies Camus' abiding importance. studying his paintings, we turn into extra considerate observers of our personal lives. For Camus, uprising is an everlasting human situation, a undying fight opposed to injustice that makes existence worthy dwelling. yet uprising is usually bounded by way of self-imposed constraints--it is a noble if most unlikely perfect. one of these contradiction means that if there isn't any reason behind wish, there's additionally no get together for despair--a sentiment possibly higher fitted to the traditional tragedians than sleek political theorists yet one whose knowledge abides. but we mustn't ever venerate pain, Camus cautions: the world's attractiveness calls for our realization at the least life's educate of injustices. That reputation allows him to claim: "It used to be the center of wintry weather, i eventually learned that, inside me, summer time used to be inextinguishable."

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