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Download PDF by Thomas Oberlies: A grammar of epic Sanskrit

By Thomas Oberlies

ISBN-10: 3110144484

ISBN-13: 9783110144482

The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of info. either texts nonetheless are of a massive value in India and different nations. due to this, a grammar describing the entire diverse features of epic Sanskrit has been overlooked earlier. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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9, dMnJ'O-, m. ). 62, lIogora-, m. , n. 37. �poda-. m. 'OdllfJ-. n. ). 33, ( ,,)pig i a-, n. ). R 4,47. 13, prD),olno-, n. 12, proIr16da-, n. (..... 5, (")blr6ga·, n. ), R 3,53. o-, m. (..... 7, n. II. (.... 8. bIIl/l'D/W-, m. ng(1ra, n. 12, bln'ila- m. (.... 3 (cf. , n.. ibid. 1 ()" 1 1), -bJwga-, n. 9. madhu-, m. ). 2. malllra. n. ), Mbh 3,610 •. 1, mohtihllu/o-, m. 52\ rolrO-, n. 7, \'oktra-, m. ), R 5 , 1 . 1 16). v. a- (4aJ). v ). ) . lI,1 § 15a. XL - Introduction - 1'01110-, n. ). 45, ,'igroha-.

Alii alaI n the examples from the Mahabharata in which the word following the hialus is marked by an asterisk the (allegedly) original hiaills was restored by the respective editor against the testimony of all manuscrip1S4. dr,rtl'ii Qilley (erar), Mbh 1,3. y{ii (ea), I , 59. " (paril'alSarii�'i). J 5b (cf. ytMlii, 1 , I 07. v. ], SPEYER 1886: 312 and LUDWIG 1896: 9). ). , I. 8-1 1 . o-sandhi (see AiGr. I § 267 and RENOU § 4Ob). for the sake of convenience it IS treated here separately. See STENZLER § 19, KIWIORN § 18, RENou § 4Oa.

11,352), "jrlIha 'he declares'. 2 (seecnt. ). j- see WACKER-NAGEL, KI. Seh. p. 389, - lnlToduction - XXIX mahe, Mbh 2,35. 1 5 (.... 2)1, (imp. 60 (.... 1 )2, (2sg. inj. 704, (tmesis) pro piirmgall .... 60�, pm,i ... 346. Forms like the nom. and instr. pl. ;, the acc. sg. oftlle i-siems in -(i)yam or the infinitive in -lave (on all of which see above, par. ), common enough in Middle lndo­ Aryan', are completely absent from Epic Sanskrit. -acc. pI. in -ii ofthe n. a-stems is mel wilh - apart from a few rather doubtful cases (....

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