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Download e-book for iPad: A Flight of Storks and Angels by Robert Devereaux

By Robert Devereaux

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Despite years of sermonizing, the way it came together never ceased to amaze. Ensconced in his study at home, he’d tap into his deepest longings and jot ideas onto three-by-five cards. The ideas he came up with seemed at times a madman’s ravings. But he had learned to trust himself, discovering that, in the pulpit, his sense of conviction would nine times out of ten carry him through. At this instant, he truly believed in angels; for the moment, this was all-important, though tomorrow, he might with the same degree of earnestness find himself standing next to Marge, scrutinizing a display of lettuce heads at Safeway.

Just like Fay—” “Leave Mom out of it! You’ve got one more chance. This is it, you come with me now, let us take you in and sober you up—” “She was a stinking whore. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. But she smiled and smiled and then she took all my money and went off with some cocksucking son of a bitch. ” Yes, Tom was agitated too, Carver felt it, it riled him up as much as it did Carver, her leaving, deep as betrayal goes, no way to ward it off, no way to guard against it, just get it out in the open and pray that it heals.

They turned left onto Benham and headed toward City Park. ” “Where? ” The boy lived on the other side of I-50, off Bedford Avenue a mile short of Gold Bug Park. ” “I doubt it. The poor kid grows up without a daddy, a grampa who’s off his nut, a granny who should have been institutionalized long ago, some rock-worshiping pagan gal who calls herself Joyful Oceanspray or somesuch nonsense—did Joe ever do a background check on her—” “—many times—” “—a mother who’s always off delivering babies to make other people’s family lives more complete.

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A Flight of Storks and Angels by Robert Devereaux

by Brian

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